Amazon (Class: Bowazon) Basic Gear


Helm: Shako
Body Armor: Chains Of Honor Dusk
Belt: Nosferatu’s Coil 7LL
Gloves: Dracul’s Grasp 10% LL
Boots: Sandstorm Trek – Random Trek
Weapon: Faith GMB 3 Sk / 1 All Skill
Amulet: Cat’s Eye
Rings: 1x BK 5% Life Leech + 1x Raven Frost 20 Dex
Weapon (Switch): Call to Arms X/2-3Bo/X + Spirit Monarch 30% Fcr
Charms: Ama Torch 10-15/10-15 + Anni 10-15/10-15/5-7 & 3x Bow Skillers
Merc Eth Insight, Ebug Stone + Andy Face
Extra: 5x 20 Life Small Charms


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